How It Works

We promote your Instagram to our networks of over 10 million active fans and consumers until your campaign has been completed. The type of people that we target are those who are interested in what you do.  We work together with you to get exactly the type of followers you want delivered. That gives you the best chance at success.
(For example: We are going to target and deliver fans of country music to a country singer’s IG account)
We will only need your login info due to the nature of this service and daily maintenance if you purchase a Followers Package. We will deliver between 100-500 new followers per day to your account. You will not need to worry about us posting anything on the account or ever getting your account frozen/banned. These followers will absolutely continue to follow you and will NOT unfollow you when your campaign has finished.

What Makes You Different?

The biggest difference between Gold Rush Promo and some of these other “Pay For Followers” websites is that we actually have a REAL database network of over 10 million fans. Our large network is then broken down into smaller networks by music genre, demographics, location, etc. Again, these are 100% REAL followers that will interact and engage with you. This is extremely valuable when building a fan base and promoting/marketing. While most of our competition run your account through a bot or program that leaves you with thousands of fake spam accounts as your followers, we promote you across Universal Music Group’s private network and our own personal networks of over 10,000,000 ACTIVE fans. This means more targeted followers that will actually buy what you’re selling.  Market and promote to your new expanded fan base daily!


We are the only company in the industry that can actually provide you with 100% real active followers. Once we have built up your list of followers on Instagram for you, you have their attention. Instagram feeds allow you to link directly to music, websites, photos, videos and any other media you have to promote. Over 75% of Instagram users post or comment daily, giving you a huge list of potential customers to directly connect with, engage with, and sell to. This creates a cheaper and more effective form of advertising over anything else, and is less intrusive than an e-mail blast.

See Results Within 12 Hours

You will see your follower list grow almost immediately after we begin our campaign for you. Your campaign will begin within 12 hours after your order has been placed. These numbers will gradually grow significantly over a few days based on the amount of followers you ordered. Every day you will have atleast 100-500 new followers to reach out to and engage with. Even after you have reached the amount of followers you ordered, you might see your list continue to grow simply due to the power of our viral marketing.

Do We Offer A Guarantee?

Yes we do. If for some reason we cannot complete your order, we will refund 100% of your money. If there is a dispute or if you have any questions, please contact us and we will respond ASAP. Our merchant is Paypal. They insure all of your money and any transaction. You can purchase with confidence and security.

Return On Your Investment

We have found the return on investment to be quite high with this service. Just like most things, however, we cannot guarantee a positive ROI once you get your new followers. While having that many followers is priceless to us, it’s really up to you how you choose to market and promote to your new follower base. You’ve got to be ready to promote to your fan base when they start flooding in!