Why YouTube is Important


YouTube is currently getting over 1 billion views from all over the world, every day! This factor cannot be ignored, as its becoming one of the most powerful marketing tools on the web. If you are an artist, producer, indie label, dj, or someone who just needs more exposure, YouTube is exactly the place to start. No picture or text can persuade people better than a video, and with YouTube you have millions of people to expose it to. Other than getting loads of free targeted fans from your video, it is very likely that your video will appear in Google search results, which will automatically double or even triple your exposure.


How do we deliver the views?

We know that there are literally hundreds of companies out there that claim to deliver “real” YouTube views. However, only a few of them are capable of doing it. There are two ways to increase YouTube views: 1.) Promoting and marketing the videos and distributing them across our private networks 2.) Using bots/proxies/scripts to artificially increase the views. Gold Rush Promo ONLY promotes your video across Universal Music Group’s private network of over 10 million fans/consumers using real industry marketing methods such as email, social media, major video portals, and other marketing strategies.


Why Buy Our YouTube Promo Packages?

More than likely, you are feeling skeptical about buying YouTube Promo, especially when its your first time. However, when you purchase our YouTube Promo Packages, you will get a head start on the competition with your video. Millions of people use the YouTube search bar to find videos, and it is more than likely that yours is not going to appear in the search results or the suggested videos. However, if your video has more views, likes, and comments, it is extremely probable that it will be shown on the first page. This would drive viewers to your video non stop, and you won’t even have to buy promo anymore.


Our Guarantee To You

Since there is no chance for your account to get banned if you buy our YouTube Promo, as we don’t break their Terms of Service, we should not even have to address this. However, if for some reason we are not able to send the right number of people to your video, we will give you 100% full money back – guaranteed. We will work on your video as long as it takes, until you are satisfied.